Divorce and Dissolution's

Couple with a Judge — Dissolution and Divorces in Youngstown, OH
Getting a divorce can be very traumatic, stressful and emotionally draining. You want an attorney who knows the ropes and can get the job done without breaking the bank. You also want a firm that can move the case along without needless delays. At Horlick and Associates, we have the staff, resources, and experience to make the process as comfortable as possible while getting you your fair share. We can be as aggressive, or as workable as you desire. If you need an uncontested divorce, we can do that.We are here to provide you with the experience and high-quality legal services you deserve.
Custody and visitation are matters of great concern to parents. The standard for custody awards is the best interests of the child. To determine best interests, courts will focus on the need for stability, and try to assess which parent has historically acted as the primary caretaker of the child and which parent is the child more bonded to. In many cases, the answer to this question is both parents. Often, both parents play an almost equal role and in such cases, the court will want to continue that involvement to the greatest extent possible.
We know the law and can show the court your strengths, and point out the other parent's weaknesses in order to obtain the best possible outcome. Most of all, you are interested in maximum time with your child, the ability to make decisions and have control, and financial implications regarding the type of custody awarded. We know these laws and can pull you through this maze as quickly and painlessly as possible.